Dr. Noirin Curran



In 2013, Noirin completed a PhD in the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork, where she has been a member of the Human Factors Research Group and the People and Technology Research Group since 2007. Her doctoral thesis was entitled “The Psychology of Immersion and the Development of a Quantitative Measure of Immersive Response in Games”.

Within Psychology, her area of interest is the psychology of immersion and the immersive response. She is fascinated by the responses and experiences which can be prompted by modern media, particularly games. As part of her doctoral work, she used rigorous psychometric procedures to create a questionnaire which measures the level of immersive response as experienced in a game session – the IMX Questionnaire. Outside of this, her research interests lie in Human Computer Interaction, measurement and psychometrics, as well as social aspects of games and online media such as social networking sites.

She has had the opportunity to carry out research involving a variety of advanced research methods, statistical work, and human-factors and usability-based methodologies, in both academic and industry settings. As well as this, she has also worked on related undergraduate modules, teaching students about Research Methods in Psychology, Experimental Design and Statistical Applications in the undergraduate Applied Psychology course in UCC, and about Human Computer Interaction and Human Sciences as part of an undergraduate IT course in DCU.

Noirin is currently working on gaming-related UX Design and Research in industry.